1.  All sewers must be hard-piped from the camper to the sewer inlet. Absolutely no flex-hose is to be used per State of Michigan guidelines.

2.  One family per campsite. One family is considered to be two adults and their unmarried children still living at home (up to age 25). Anyone else staying at your site is considered a guest; this includes your parents, siblings, friends of your children (over the age of five), extended family, and friends.

3. All season campers are responsible for their guests to know the rules and be registered at the office. There will be no charge for guests visiting season campers during the day, except holiday weekends, but all overnight guests over the age of five will be charged $5 per person ($7 per person on holiday weekends, whether daily guests or overnight guests). All guests must register and at the office upon arrival, NO EXCEPTIONS. Day guests must leave the park by 10:00 p.m.

4. You must park on your own lot.

5. No subletting of trailer unless agreed upon by the management.

6. All boat trailers must be taken home or stored with us for the season after docking your boat in the spring. They may not be left on the grounds. ABSOLUTELY NO BOATS ARE TO BE STORED ON YOUR LOT. Also, boat trailers are not to be brought to the park on holiday weekends.

7. Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. (Michigan time) and is strictly enforced. All minor children under the age of 18 must be with their parents or guardians by 11:00 p.m.  

8.  Campfire gatherings are to be kept at a respectful noise level. Campers exhibiting disrespectful or disruptive behavior will be warned first, then asked to leave the park if it continues.

9. Fireworks are not permitted.

10. Speed limit is not to exceed 5mph. THIS IS TO BE OBSERVED AT ALL TIMES AND WILL BE ENFORCED!  

11. Dumpsters are for general campground garbage only. Please do not bring household garbage to the campground to dispose of. All large items (grills, mattresses, furniture, appliances, etc.) must be taken with you and disposed of.  All garbage must be put in plastic bags and sealed, then put into the garbage hopper. PLEASE BREAK DOWN ALL BOXES. Aluminum cans are to be put in the appropriate barrels beside the garbage hopper. DO NOT put ashes in the dumpsters!

12. Please keep your lot mowed, trimmed, and neat in appearance weekly. In the event you do not mow your lot before going home for the week or have not mowed it for a significant period of time and we feel it necessary, we will mow your lot for you and bill you accordingly. Please do not cut your grass on weekend mornings before noon. If you are here during the week, we would appreciate your grass being cut and trimmed by Thursday night.

13. Washers and dryers and large household appliances are not permitted.

14. Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult at all times while using the beach and swimming area. NO GLASS CONTAINERS ON OR BY THE BEACH. Please do not discard cigarette butts or garbage of any kind on the ground. Toys left on the beach and unclaimed within one week will be discarded.

15. Pets must be cleaned up after, kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length, and they MUST be kept quiet. No pets on the beach (sand) or in the swimming area at any time. Dogs are not to roam onto others’ lots while walking; retractable leashes are to be kept 6’ or shorter in length.

16. Clean all fish at the fish cleaning table. Remains must be wrapped and put in the freezer by the channel. Please clean the table after use.

17. Decks may be constructed on your lot at your own expense, but may NOT be moved if you leave the park or change lots. Decks are to be 8 feet in width and run the length of your camper (max. 34’). IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN THE DECK ON YOUR LOT. Decks must be free from rot, loose nails, and screws. All decks need to be treated, washed, stained or painted, and warped/rotted deck boards replaced as needed.

18. Seasonal campers shall be no more than 10 years old at the date of entry into the campground unless other arrangements are made in advance with management.

19. In general, campers should be no longer than 34’ in length. This is the maximum length for most lots; some lots require shorter campers and some can handle larger ones. Before purchasing a new camper, you must first check with management to confirm the maximum length allowed for your lot. Campers will be measured before entering the park; any over-length camper will be refused entry. Seasonal RV units are to be licensed and road towable. Absolutely no park models of any kind are allowed.

20. In the event you would like to move to a different lot in the future, you must fill out a “New Lot Request Form” which can be obtained from the store/office. 


21. In the event you decide to leave the campgrounds anytime after May 1st and not fulfill your seasonal commitment, or your contract has been terminated by management for failure to abide by the rules as stated in this contract, you will not be entitled to the benefit of the lower prorated seasonal rate. Your deposit is not refundable and your lot rent will revert to our “weekender” rates for the duration of your stay beginning May 1 through the date of your departure, up to a maximum of your pre-paid seasonal lot rent. Any credit will be refunded to you. You will not be charged for your electricity as this is included in the higher “weekender” rate and any payment made will be credited towards your rent. All fees must be paid before removing your camper from the park. 

22. By the close of the season everything must be cleaned out from under and around campers (tables, chairs, bikes, grills, wood, boards, planters, etc.). The only thing allowed on your deck or under your camper when you leave for the season is your dock and steps. Any other items are to be put inside your camper, put into storage, or taken home. They are NOT to be stored outside of the trailer or on your lot. If you pull your camper off your lot at the end the season and store it elsewhere, your lot is expected to be completely CLEAN. Any blocks, brick, boards or sewer pipe should be stored neatly next to your deck. Your lot should be raked and free of garbage and debris. Anything left under and around campers (other than steps and dock) will be removed and discarded by management.

23. No one is permitted on the drain field at any time.

24. Boat docks are to be stored in the off season on your deck, within the confines of your lift (if you have one), or off site.

25. Electric meters will be read July 31 and the last day of the season (or your last day for the season). Payments are due August 30 and October 15, respectively. If full payment is not received by the due date, a late fee of $25 shall be assessed and $5 per week shall accrue thereafter until paid in full. 

26. Rental payments are due in full by March 1. In the event full payment is not received by March 1, your lot will be considered available. A $100 late fee will be assessed on March 2 and $2 per day shall accrue thereafter until paid in full or your lot is sold, whichever comes first.

27. Deposits for the following season are due October 15 of the current season and all outstanding debts must be paid at this time as well. This includes store tabs, storage, electric bills, etc. In the event full payment is not received by October 15, your lot will be considered available. A $50 late fee will be assessed on October 16 and $2 per day shall accrue thereafter until paid in full or your lot is sold, whichever comes first.

28. Seasonal camping is from May 1 - October 15. No camping before or after those dates.